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Dri H.


Dri H. was born and currently lives in the United States of America. She's always had a love and passion for the creative arts. In the 1990's she discovered the joy of acting during her high school drama class. Shortly thereafter she continued sharpening her acting skills in local community plays and at family events. In the 2000's, Dri was part of a local music group where she wrote her own lyrics to songs and musical features. She once again found herself front and center on the stage, performing locally with her music group.


A few years later Dri began writing and producing comedy skits, some of which received upwards of 70,000 video views. Although this new venture was labor intensive, it brought Dri tons of joy. She discovered her funny bone and was thrilled about making others laugh.


  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dri discovered another passion; science fiction. Her father is a science fiction enthusiast; reading books and watching movies in this genre for over 50 years. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dri spent quality time with her dad watching science fiction movies in her parent's basement. Her fascination led to researching science fiction movies and short films. Eventually this led to her writing and producing a short sci-fi video series.

Writing is a vessel Dri uses to funnel her imagination in a way to move her creative thoughts to paper and share it with the world. The Destroyer book will be creatively limitless, expanding beyond the walls of science, leaping around reality, and superseding what is known to mankind.

Dri H. has a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media & Web Technology with a minor in Communication Studies. She is also the author of two books which are currently available on Amazon; Words Are Powerful Affirmations Journal and Should I Date Them Journal.

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