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  • Ancient Realm

    Keket can travel to and from the metaverse. Nothing is off limits when it comes to finding weaknesses to project on her ancient enemies.

  • Kingdom of Kush

    Keket's origin is of the Kingdom of Kush. The Destroyer Sci-Fi fantasy book offers interesting and action packed twists and turns. Truly an unforgettable story.

  • Keket Transforms

    Keket has the ability to transform into humans, creatures, and terrestrial beings. She carefully chooses what to transform into based on the need at hand.

  • Cool Things in the Metaverse

    Author Dri H. of Cvv Entertainment shares the Cvv Entertainment Metaverse Museum via Spatial io. You will find creatures, creative concept art, video displays, and life size images. There are tons of things to view from "The Destroyer" too. Compatible with VR headset.

  • Let Me Help You

    One of Keket's supernatural abilities is to sense and visualize fears. She's highly intuitive and can read minds of those who are weak within their emotions. At just the right moment, Keket steps in and offers help.

  • Inspiration for the Book

    For a good part of my life I've been fascinated with learning about Egypt. I've surrounded myself with décor reflective of my passion. Who would of known that this would inspire me years later to write a book. What's even more fascinating is what I discovered in my recent in-depth research as I prepared to write "The Destroyer" Sci-Fi fantasy book. I took a deep dive into learning the history of ancient Egypt (lower and upper), Nubia, and the Kingdom of Kush.

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